YouTube aimed at children

Now kids can enjoy YouTube without parents worrying about what they might see, thanks to YouTube Kids.

YouTube KidsYouTube KidsYouTube KidsYouTube KidsYouTube Kids
  • Features of YouTube Kids

Play without fear of what might pop up

YouTube Kids comes with advanced content filters so that the little ones don’t see anything inappropriate for their age.

Flexible settings

YouTube Kids lets you set up parameters like maximum time of use, so that the kids don’t overdo it in front of the computer.

Option to deactivate the search tool

The search function can be restricted or deactivated if needs be, in order to eliminate any risk of finding content that’s inappropriate for kids.

For kids and adults

coThe kids will be able to enjoy content that’s appropriate for their age. They’ll feel in control of an environment designed for them, but the adults will have overall control of the app.